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Education for the Enterprising Woman
Business Workshops, Online Courses & Webinars for Women, WeHub
weHub offers a variety of programs and services for women who have an idea, want to test the feasibility of it and potentially develop it into a business.

As an educational hub for enterprising women, weHub offers coaching, mentoring, training and support in the areas of entrepreneurship, marketing, financial management, personal growth, work/life balance and leadership development.

Through long-term classes,peer-to-peer roundtable forums, workshops, seminars and one-on-one business coaching we. help women launch and expand their businesses and themselves.

Educational Resources:

  • Building Your Business Model
  • LauncHER Small Business Boot Camp
  • LAUNCH n’ Learn’s
  • and more being planned

Building Your Business Model

The first step any entrepreneur should take in “starting out” is to begin working their concept into a process that will eventually lead them through informed decision-making.

This need is met through weHub’s Building a Boss Babe Business Model workshop. By creating a business model, entrepreneurs can broadly document the rationale of how their business will develop and assess a number of alternative approaches to their unique business opportunity.

The business modeling process provides value to real-world entrepreneurs as a preparatory step before writing a more comprehensive business plan.

Business Workshops, Online Courses & Webinars for Women, WeHub

LauncHER Small Business Boot Camp

Create a business model and one-page business plan to determine next steps for launching your business idea and to help secure any needed financing.

LauncHER Small Business Boot Camp is a 6-day microenterprise development program that combines curriculum, coaching, and mentoring to help enterprising women determine whether their business idea is a feasible opportunity.

Topics covered include:

  • concept development
  • market research
  • competition profiling
  • pricing
  • financial projections.

This program is designed specifically for microentrepreneurs and business owners who will be starting up on a shoestring budget and employing five or fewer employees at the start of their business. The program is intended to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business, even when they have little or no business background.

Attendance at a free orientation session is required to apply for this program.

Future Program Offerings for Enterprising Women:

Marketing Strategies
for Entrepreneurs
The Art of Blogging
and Content Creation
Social Media Marketing
for Small Business
Building Your
Business Brand

A schedule of events, including dates and times will be coming soon. 

Networking Opportunities

LAUNCH n’ Learn’s:

A series of monthly LAUNCH n’ Learn meetings are being designed to be a unique and motivating opportunity to bring together female founders

Enterprising women throughout the community will have the opportunity to learn the back stories of successful entrepreneurs and hear how they overcame obstacles.

Business Workshops, Online Courses & Webinars for Women, WeHub